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Images from Chocolate Inspiration 2016

On April 21, the Inspired Teaching community came together at the 2016 Chocolate Inspiration gala, celebrating 20 years of Inspired Teaching, honoring author and activist Jonathan Kozol, and sampling inspired chocolate creations from some of the finest DC-area chefs.

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A conversation with Jonathan Kozol, inaugural recipient of the Inspired Teaching Changemaker Award

At the 2016 Chocolate Inspiration gala, Inspired Teaching honored award winning author, educator, and activist Jonathan Kozol as the inaugural recipient of the Inspired Teaching Changemaker Award. A short video was presented in which Mr. Kozol reflected on his career and on the powerful role of the teacher as changemaker.

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Inspired Teaching attends, facilitates at 2016 LEGO Idea Conference

Inspired Teaching’s Director of Teaching and Learning, Jane Ehrenfeld, traveled to Billund, Denmark for the LEGO Idea Conference, facilitating a session at this annual, international gathering of educators, policymakers, and education thought leaders.

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Exploring growth mindset for students and teachers

"Why do some of my students seem to develop resilience in the face of obstacles while other students seem to develop learned helplessness and low self-esteem instead? These students are potentially sitting in the same classroom and getting the same kinds of support, so what’s the deal? How do we teachers help all students become resilient and self-confident both in our classrooms and out in the world?" Read more from Inspired Teaching Institute alum Katherine Douglas Kindle.

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Apr 29 01:46 pm

Purpose, Persistence, and Action! Students @InspiredSchool tackle engineering challenges #20yrsInspired #STEM

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