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Inspired Teaching allowed me to see the importance of releasing power in my classroom to my students and allowing them a stronger voice.

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May 20 10:17 am

Joy in learning! @mslizorfaly: Making our bodies into shapes of buildings @BuildingMuseum #20yrsInspired #play2learn https://t.co/dav3mxeyKz
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Our Mission and Model

Our Mission

Center for Inspired Teaching is building a better school experience for students through transformative teacher training.

Our Model

Center for Inspired Teaching has a direct impact on students by training their teachers to provide high quality, engaging instruction. Central to Inspired Teaching’s professional development is a process that encourages teachers to rethink their role in the classroom, from information provider to Instigator of Thought®. We’re committed to ending the practice of “delivering” professional development to teachers and are working to make teachers full collaborators in school improvement and reform strategies.

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Inspired Teaching’s professional development model is supported by evidence-based research about how people learn. Our programs are based in best practices in teacher education and in the belief that every student possesses the ability to think critically, understand information, and solve complex problems. Students of Inspired Teachers® are not told what to think, they learn how to think, thereby developing critical skills needed to succeed in school today and in college and careers tomorrow.


Inspired Teachers engage students in the Wonder-Experiment-Learn cycle and embrace the 5 Core Elements of Inspired Teaching and The 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity.®

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