Demonstration School

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At Capital One, we recognize that a strong support system for success must include the classroom and educators who understand a wide range of student needs. That’s why we invest in organizations like Inspired Teaching that connect youth with the resources and role models they need to grow and thrive. — Naomi Smouha, Community Relations Manager for Capital One

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Demonstration School

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The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School believes that every student possesses the ability to think critically, learn and understand information, and solve complex problems – and that students should spend time in school engaged in primarily these kinds of activities.


Philosophy & Teaching Approach

The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School implements the philosophy and instructional approach of Center for Inspired Teaching. Methods of instruction include inquiry-based and active learning approaches where the teacher serves as facilitator and coach to support student learning.


Teachers As Learners

The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School is a public charter school with a public purpose. As a partner site for the Inspired Teacher Certification Program, the school houses Inspired Teaching Fellows who work toward their full certification under the guidance of Master Teachers.



We welcome your visit to the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School!

Prospective families, please request tours of the Demonstration School through

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