District Partnerships

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The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation selected Inspired Teaching as a grantee because of its innovative approach to training educators.

— Anne Gunsteens, Executive Director, Marriott Foundation
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Dec 01 07:32 am

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District Partnerships

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BLISS: Building Literacy in the Social Studies

A partnership between Inspired Teaching and DCPS, BLISS will reach DCPS middle and high school social studies teachers and students. BLISS will provide educators the training they need to continue building students’ independent thinking skills, equipping them to be thoughtful learners and engaged citizens.

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SCALE: Science Curriculum Advancement through Literacy Enhancement

A partnership between Inspired Teaching and DCPS, SCALE brings together a community of Teacher Leaders and content experts to create a K-12 science curriculum and a teacher training initiative to provide all K-12 DCPS science teachers the tools they need to implement inquiry-based instruction in their classrooms.


Real World History

How do we engage young people so they drive their own education? How do we prepare students for success while motivating them to be lifelong learners? In school year 2014-15, Inspired Teaching has introduced a new approach to answering these critical questions, combining coursework with relevant internships to immerse students in Real World History.


Teacher Leadership

Inspired Teachers engage their students, their colleagues, and their communities. Center for Inspired Teaching provides leadership opportunities for outstanding participants and alumni of all our innovative teacher training programs.

Training focuses on moving from traditional formula-based mathematics to an inquiry model for instruction.

Inspired Teaching Institute

Our flagship professional development program challenges teachers of all academic subjects to build student achievement and meet rigorous standards in creative and effective ways.

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