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What I have benefited from most is the consideration of the whole child – the idea that the child should be met where they are and considered an individual in the context of the classroom environment is a paramount concept. — Travis, 2009 Inspired Teaching Fellow

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Nov 19 06:52 pm

Staff, educators, and friends around the table at @ShawsTavern enjoying our conversation w/ @romankrznaric


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District Partnerships

In DC, we’re training middle school social studies teachers to design and implement a district-wide social studies curriculum that integrates the Common Core standards for literacy. In school years 2011-13, we partnered with the Baltimore City Public School System to train middle school math teachers to integrate inquiry-based teaching methods with the Common Core State Standards.


Inspired Teacher Certification Program

The Inspired Teacher Certification Program is a state-accredited, 24-month teacher preparation program that prepares, supports, and certifies highly qualified individuals to become teachers in the District of Columbia.


Inspired Teaching Institute

Our flagship professional development program challenges middle and high school teachers of all academic subjects to build student achievement and meet standards (including the Common Core State Standards) in creative and effective ways.


Teacher Leadership

Inspired Teachers don’t just engage their students – they engage their colleagues and communities. Center for Inspired Teaching provides leadership opportunities for outstanding alumni of our innovative teacher training programs.

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